Arusha National Park Daytrip - Daytrip Tour

  • Duration 1 day
  • No Of People From 1 person

Arusha National Park - Daytrip Tour

Tucked just this side of the Kenyan border and near to the busy city of Arusha lies the little-known jewel of Tanzania, Arusha National Park. At its heart is the 4566m Mount Meru, popular with mountaineers avoiding the too-well-trodden paths of Kilimanjaro. Arusha National Park is less visited than the more famous Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, but it’s for you if you want a beautiful landscape with an incredible variety of flora and fauna – but less people!

Arusha National Park has an awe-inspiring blend of vegetation which includes swamp, grasslands and montane forest and, of course, the mountain slopes of Meru which are swathed in tropical rainforest. It’s a unique eco-system that attracts thousands of animals and birds.

Arusha National Park Day Trip is a fantastic opportunity to explore the natural beauty, diverse wildlife, and stunning landscapes of Arusha National Park in Tanzania, all within a single day.

Tour Overview:
Duration: The Arusha National Park Day Trip is typically a one-day excursion, making it ideal for travelers who have limited time but want to experience Tanzania's wildlife and natural beauty.
Location: Arusha National Park is located in northern Tanzania, near the town of Arusha. It's one of the smaller national parks in Tanzania but offers a wide variety of wildlife and scenic landscapes.

Here are the Key highlights

  • Game Drive: Your day trip usually begins with a game drive, offering opportunities to spot a diverse range of wildlife, including giraffes, zebras, buffalos, warthogs, flamingos, and a variety of antelope species. Although you won't find the Big Five in this park, it's known for its rich biodiversity and birdlife.
  • Mount Meru: Arusha National Park is home to Mount Meru, an active stratovolcano. While you won't climb the entire mountain in a day, you can enjoy the views of Mount Meru and the surrounding landscapes during your game drive and stops.
  • Momela Lakes: The park features a series of small, alkaline Momela Lakes. These lakes are known for their resident birdlife, including flamingos. You'll likely have the opportunity to observe these beautiful birds.
  • Ngurdoto Crater: The Ngurdoto Crater is often referred to as the "Little Ngorongoro" due to its similar appearance. The lush crater is home to a variety of wildlife and offers excellent photo opportunities.
  • Walking Safari: Some day trips may include a guided walking safari along the park's designated trails. This provides a closer and more intimate experience with nature.
  • Picnic Lunch: Your day trip usually includes a picnic lunch at a designated spot within the park, where you can enjoy a meal amidst the natural surroundings.
  • Cultural Interaction: Depending on the tour, you may have the opportunity to engage with local communities or learn about the cultural significance of the area.

Arusha National Park Day Trip is a great option for those who want to experience Tanzania's wildlife and natural beauty in a shorter time frame. The park's diverse ecosystems and proximity to Arusha make it an accessible and rewarding destination for a day trip.


Arusha National Park

Regal Trails Adventures

Make sure you have an early (and good!) breakfast because we leave market town Moshi at 8:00 am sharp for the hour’s drive to Arusha National Park.

Once you arrive, you’ll stretch your legs on an out-of-this-world walking safari, accompanied by a ranger who will guide you through rainforest up to a sparkling waterfall where you’ll be able to spot black and white colobus monkeys going about their day.

After a tasty lunch you’ll hop in the Land Cruiser for a game drive that will take you through a wider scope of the park, including the Lakes of Momella and the Ngurduto Crater, and you’ll most likely spot buffalo, waterbuck, giraffe, warthogs, zebra and gazelle as well as a host of different bird species. If you’re lucky you’ll catch a glimpse of the shy leopard or elephant. Don’t forget your camera! After the drive, you’ll be driven back to Moshi.

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No of Clients Price Per Person
1 Client $280
2 - 3 Clients $270
4 - 6 Clients $260
7+ Clients $250


  • Transport (4x4 Land Cruiser) with open roof
  • Park Fees
  • Professional English speaking safari guide
  • Lunch box
  • 1,5l bottle of water


  • Personal items (Sturdy shoes, swim wear & towel)
  • Gratuities / "tip" for guide
  • Travel insurance
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